Monday, November 2, 2015

Dementia/ Memory Care Program

With Dementia/ Memory Care being our main emphasis, we have created an environment that allows us to care for not just our memory impaired residents, but also for individuals that suffer from dementia. You will find our homes designed not only with the security features necessary for a safe and secure environment, but also with interior design features that incorporate soft tones and provide a calming environment. The family room hosts a specially-designed focal point wall, which provides added mental stimulation and serves as the primary location for all of our social activies. For our residents that prefer a little quiet time, we offer a retreat area. Additionally, Desert Cottages has been very successful in handling residents that suffer from behavioral issues such as combativeness and aggressiveness.

      Our Dementia Care at Desert Cottages guarantees
  • Closed living area with single and double rooms lovingly furnished
  • Individual furnishings of personal rooms for a familiar feeling
  • Handicap accessible bathrooms and toilets
  • Access to continuous and confidential care by our trained staff
  • Inclusion of family members according to personal needs and wishes
  • Friendly day rooms for social activities
  • Generous walks and a garden just for our dementia patients to accommodate their increased drive to move about.

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